Thursday, July 24, 2014

Georgia On My Mind

I'm such a sucker for personality when I took this test some time ago
I was surprised to find that I'd fit in well if I decided to live in Georgia!

So when the opportunity recently presented itself to accompany my best friend, Kristie,
 on a weekend getaway to the Dogwood City, I was thrilled! 
Kristie's mission was to catch a Braves game at Turner field, before its 2017 closing,
and mine was to check a trip to the world's largest aquarium off of my bucket list. 
While we were certainly successful in executing both missions, even scoring an impromptu and complimentary behind the scenes tour of the world's largest fish tank at the Georgia Aquarium,
our time spent in Atlanta was so much more charming than either of us ever expected!
While I've found that hotels offer the usual creature comforts most travelers
expect and appreciate, there's always something so much more appealing about
vacation rentals (I'm such a fan of this site). 
I love the privacy and convenience vacation rentals offer....
Full kitchens for prepping breakfast or dinner, quiet neighborhoods to explore,
 and much closer proximity to hidden gems in restaurants and shopping... 
So when I found this perfect bungalow near Piedmont Park in Midtown, we booked and prepped for our exploration of Atlanta.

I could go on and on about the vast differences between Texas and the rest of the "Deep South,"
but the truth remains, that although I've called Texas my home all my life, I've never really spent a whole lot of time in other Southern states...Ironic as my favorite read is Southern Living magazine!

When we arrived and realized we'd booked a perfect location in the historic and trendy
Virginia Highlands neighborhood, Kristie and I were elated!
I've always had a soft spot for craftsman style homes, with their trademark wrap-around porches, hardwood flooring, wainscoting and bead boarding details, and traditional Americana design aesthetic; but folks, the homes in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood had me salivating and oohing and awing from behind the wheel as we drove past row after row of gorgeous homes!

While I could have spent hours ogling the incredible architectural specimen around me, both my good Southern upbringing and the teachings of my sorority handbook demanded decorum and more ladylike responses to the homes of my dreams.
Naturally, I rationalized, the best option was to share a few of the homes with you! 

All of the homes were built from 1914-1930,
and the smallest of these seemingly quaint homes features a 1700 sq. ft. floor plan, not too shabby!
So in all of our driving and subdued oohing and awing, I picked up a flyer for one particular cottage, that really struck my fancy....
This little beauty.

I decided that immediately upon my return home I'd learn all I could about this little house and report back to you....
She sure doesn't disappoint!

Now I'm sure I'm either breaking some cardinal rule of  real estate or just offering free advertising for a clueless homeowner and real estate agent, but I'm certain it would be a moral sin not to share a few photos of the inside of this lovely little bungalow, she's perfect, and if I had the extra $800k laying around, she'd be mine!
What a gorgeous start to our house tour, loving the cabinets raised to the ceiling, this was an update of the 2008 renovation.
 That farmhouse sink. Swoon.
Adore the traditional Southern breakfast nook.
Beautiful formal dining room, so large it dwarfs the standard rug and table.
 And boxed beams?! Be still my heart!
Lovely craftsman built ins featuring a small bar and wine refrigerator
 LOVE that original fireplace, especially the white bricks.
French doors in the bedroom, always a great idea.
 While I'm not a fan of using a singular color throughout an entire household, I must admit the soft sage shade selected does adapt beautifully, from room to room.
Lovely tiling.
 Such a gorgeous screened in porch.
 I guess I could live with this view.
Even the shed is adorable.

So there you have it friends, one of Atlanta's latest and greatest on the real estate market.
I can't speak enough to the beauty of Atlanta, from the food, to the antiquing, to the history and grandeur, its a city I can't wait to visit again!


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