Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Inspired: All White Bedrooms

 One of my favorite things about autumn
 is the excitement in decorating and prepping for the holiday season. 
I'm so inspired, in fact, that I've decided that my bedroom needs an overhaul, a pick-me-up, a new feel, a makeover, a breath of fresh air...And I think I'm going to do something drastic.....
I'm going for the all white bedroom!
What's more farmhouse chic than an all white space?  Absolutely nothing, I say!
So I've decided to revel in the glorious simplicity and beauty that comes with an all white bedroom. This change, I'm certain, is somehow a right of passage into adulthood. 
Though I must admit, I'm a little nervous about living amidst all white accessories and linens,
farmhouse whites are just so comfortable and inviting...and its just time.
I've loved my cheery robin's egg blue bedroom for a couple of years
(photos to come in upcoming post), but I'm ready to take the plunge.
So without further ado, a few photos that have been inspiring to me... 
The painted and upholstered French bed and subtle florals coupled with the perfectly patina-ed chandelier, give this room a quiet, feminine feeling.
A long time and well-circulated favorite from Pinterest, I have always loved how the rugged, exposed brick perfectly accents the layered lace linens, delicate crystal finials,
and curved details of classically French pieces.
Truly a feast for the eyes.
Equally country retreat rustic, and cozy feminine,
I adore the weathered wooden features that keep the space from feeling stuffy. 
And that headboard!
 Minimally accessorized, soft layered linens and hints of color make this space so inviting.
The blueish-white shade of paint imparts such a feeling of calm and respite.
Though technically not all white, the neutral color palette and primitive accents of this room are positively divine.
Ever the fan of juxtaposed design, I can't get enough of the marriage of
white scalloped bedding and soft billowy blue curtains
with the lodge inspired wall hanging and fabulous suspended branch. 
Gloriously simplistic, I love how the classically feminine lines are highlighted
by bold art pieces anchoring the room with just the perfect amount of depth.
Ultra feminine, layered bedding, chippy white paint, and transparent linen, such a winning combination for a perfectly styled bedroom.
So there you have it friends, a few inspiration photos before I share my journey into makeover madness with you!
 More to come very soon! 

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