Monday, July 21, 2014

Inspired: Favorite International Chefs and Shows

I love watching cooking shows of all kinds!
But lately I've found that the majority of my favorite cooking shows are all international.
While I certainly have a few favorite recipes from Alton, and Ina, and Martha, I'm so inspired by the varied ingredients, farm-fresh options, and simple and delicious techniques adopted by international chefs. 

 There's something almost entrancing about watching these chefs flit about their perfectly rustic kitchens adorned with gorgeous enameled cast iron, lush window-box herb gardens, and heaps of charming mismatched china and mixing bowls. 
And don't forget the food!  I think my favorite part of watching international cooking shows is the palpable reverence for the beautifully fresh ingredients international chefs demand. 
While there isn't anything wrong with using boxed cake mix or canned versions of produce, these simply aren't items ever featured on such shows.  International chefs seem to relish in the beauty and ceremony of flour sifted three times over, and the process of hand-milling grains, and of grating gorgeous country-side cheeses, and selecting the perfect produce options from their beautifully landscaped gardens.  
So without further ado, here are a few of my very favorites:
Rachel Khoo: France/UK 
A British transplant in Paris, Khoo whips up the most delectable looking food in her tiny Paris kitchen.  Khoo came to notability after opening and operating a wildly successful restaurant for two out of her little Paris flat where she cooks up amazing dishes without the use of real oven or cook top....She uses pieces more akin to a camping range and toaster oven! 
Rachel's simple, delicious methods for cooking French food on the cheap and easy, always goes to show that you that you don't need a big kitchen or expensive appliances to make wonderful meals!  Find Rachel on Cooking Channel and check out this little video for her book/show

Adrian Richardson: Australia 
host of Secret Meat Business

I've only recently come across Secret Meat Business, but I couldn't be happier to have found Adrian Richardson.  This Australian chef and author offers a wealth of information about how to choose, prepare, and enjoy all different kinds of meat in a variety of dishes from around the globe. 

I'm secretly in love with the primitive décor in his kitchen and his beautiful mixing bowls and pitchers and gorgeous round chopping block!  You can catch Adrian on the AWE channel.

Chuck Hughes: Canada/US
host of Chuck's Day Off and Chuck Eats The Street

Equally charming and funny, its almost impossible not to come away from an episode of one of Chuck's shows, smitten with this Montreal native.  Chuck welcomes viewers into his Garde Manger kitchen, where culinary experiments abound and good food is never in short supply.  Always sure to include super fresh, local seafood ingredients in his amazing simple and delicious dishes, its easy to see why Chuck has made such and easy transition into the American Food Network lineup after his early beginning with Food Network Canada. 
Catch Chuck on Cooking Channel and Food Network.

Mimi Thorisson: France
Technically this is a bit of a tease as Mimi's show isn't yet available in the states for viewing and her newest cookbook isn't set for release until late October.  That being said, Mimi's US fan base has grown so exponentially that I'm certain with the release of her highly anticipated cookbook we can expect (and hope/pray) that a demand will exist for French show in the states.
As Saveur puts it:

    "Mimi shares recipes and menus inspired by the Médoc countryside where she and
her family recently made their home. Much like the rural French landscape that
surrounds her,  Mimi's dishes are at once rustic and elegant, fanciful and bold."

I adore EVERYTHING about Mimi's life, isn't it everyone's dream to move to a gorgeous estate in rural France to prepare beautiful dishes, breed fox terriers, and scour the countryside for wild blackberries with your lovely children?  Just divine.

Here's a little teaser recipe to enjoy for now!

The truth is, I could have gone on and on with this post, to include Sam Homan, Jamie Oliver, and Nigella Lawson, but in sharing just a few of my favorites I hope you have more than enough to fill your plate!



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