Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Old Glory In Design

As we brace ourselves for the unavoidable sweltering summer ahead,
I find myself so comforted in the pleasures that late spring brings...
the lagging pace of longer days, the sweet green perfume of newly-cut grass,
drippy ice cream cones, the rhythmic hum of cicadas at dusk,
and of course the familiar sight of Old Glory, herself!

While I'm certainly a patriot, always sure to fly a flag on my front porch,
I've always appreciated how beautifully Old Glory blends so seamlessly with the
farmhouse aesthetic.

As I've recently been making more trips to some of my favorite antique stores, the sight of weathered, faded old American flags has me so excited at the prospect of simply draping one across a wall to appreciate Old Glory, in all her simplistic beauty!
I of course turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration, and couldn't be more thrilled with awe-inspiring photos I've found:
 An oldie but a goodie, this photo has been in circulation for quite some time, but still never ceases to amaze me in all of its contemporary and vintage splendor. 
The juxtaposition of the simplistic contemporary light fixture set against farmhouse paneling and perfect barn-inspired beams and doors, makes my heart go pitter-pat! 
The perfectly draped oversized flag is just the right accent for such a minimally chic space. 

 I'm loving the clean lines and simple color this framed version lends to this space.

A gallery wall of framed vintage versions is even better!  And that bench...gorgeous!
 And while framed versions seem to be quite popular, I tend to favor the organic, natural "lay" of flags that seem to be effortlessly strewn across beds as coverlets, used as perfectly sheer window panels, or hung against a wall to bring rustic elegance to a space. 
Rugged and torn as it is, I adore the rustic charm this flag brings to a workspace!
A fine repurposing to ensure privacy
 Who can rival the classic Americana feel that Ralph Lauren has perfected in his East Hampton retail location?  Is anyone else spying that fabulous antique Trading Post signage?  Divine.
And last, but certainly not least, I'm crazy about this! 
In love with the idea of making a giant cushy pillow out of a flag from years gone by.
Just brilliant!
So pull down the attic ladder, dust off those old boxes, rummage through all the things you never thought you'd want and pull out the old gal and hang her high with pride and panache!

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