Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gift Guide: Mother's Day

via Terrain
Ralph Waldo Emerson once declared,
"men are what their mothers made them."
And while that truth certainly extends to the ladies as well, 
I couldn't provide a more resounding concurrence!

So in preparation for the day we set aside to celebrate one of the most important women in our lives, I've compiled a quick list of great gifts that will let Mom know
 how much she means to those who adore her!
A beautifully packaged 
Vintage Rose scented Spa Giftset
($33/Tokyo Factory)

Lovely custom gilded surprise
to place over Mom's favorite workspace
(Starting at $65/)
Stunning and organically shaped, this
 statement piece would be perfect
for her kitchen (or anywhere!),
to be loved all year long!
($179/At West End)
A beautiful candle featuring a  zesty mix of
lemon vervaine, galbanum and ripe Hosui pear
in the loveliest glass jar
Wine club gift subscription,
I'm loving this site where wines are described as
'artisanal, obscure and affordable'
(From $49 for 2 bottles monthly/Plonk Wine Club)
Delicious stinky cheese...
the perfect accompaniment to wine for a relaxing night in
($60/Cowgirl Creamery)
For kicks, why not include this awesome card?!||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules
Or this beautiful culinary wreath,
that Mom can use in all her signature dishes
($60/Williams Sonoma)
So as the day approaches make sure you have the perfect gift to strike Mom's fancy. 
And remember, if nothing else, a simple
"I love you"
will always mean the world!
Best wishes and lots of love on Mom's special day!

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