Monday, April 21, 2014

The Art Of Egg Painting

Happy Easter! 
I hope you all had a wonderful and celebratory day with family and friends, filled with marshmallow chicks, sweet treats, and eggs galore!
In honor of the festivities, I thought I'd share a remarkable video of the amazing egg painting traditions in rural Romania.

Above are a few examples of the eggs produced after duck, goose or chicken eggs are drained, dyed, dipped in wax, then placed over fire and finally polished to reveal the intricate drawings and etchings of the artist.
(Hint: Watching this video in full screen and HD
 is the ONLY way to do the details of the work justice!)

The attention to detail and time spent to produce just one egg is astounding. 
Folks, this is artistry at its very best. 
Who wouldn't die for a bowl of these beauties in their Easter vignette?! 
What a beautiful tradition!
 Isn't this video just the loveliest way to celebrate this amazing process?
More to come soon friends

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