Monday, April 28, 2014

April Showers...

...Bring my favorite season of all...flower season! 

And if you're anything like me, you can't help but literally stop to smell the roses.  While the Texas heat usually makes our spring season swift, the abundance of natural beauty during this time of year always makes me yearn for lengthier seasons to enjoy the grandeur of spring renewal.

While flipping through the pages of an edition of Country Living from seasons gone by, I was thrilled to come across this charming East Coast cottage affectionately dubbed "Tarrnation Farm" by owner Reggie Tarr.
Beautifully embellished with a variety of blooms, this 1,000 ft. homestead in rural New Hampshire is a dreamy oasis that makes even the most practiced gardener swoon.

Tarr has been quoted as attributing his move to Tarrnation Farm was a result of his desire to "live off the land and find room for growth." After acquiring the sprawling 6 acre property, Tarr now operates a produce stand and wildflower market out of his 150 year old barn from May to October. 
Can't you just hear the Mourning Doves calling?  Absolutely stunning.
And if you think the farmhouse charm stops at Tarr's doorstep you'd be wrong, check out the interior of the cottage...from traditional teal beadboard to gorgeous primitive accents, Tarr's home positively exudes warmth and character! 
 While photos of all-white kitchens are in no short supply on Pinterest and Houzz these days, I'm so thrilled with the subtle warmth imparted through shades of sage, teal, rust, and butter to egg yolk yellow throughout Tarr's home. 
Traditionally styled embellishments are skillfully livened up with touches of color. 
Even Tarr's sunny office provides respite from a day of gardening, with a traditional wooden desk and antique books adorning the shelves. 
And while the communal areas in Tarr's home, couldn't possibly be any more charming, Tarr has opted for a traditional "less is more" approach in the master bed/bath. 
I'm loving the understated simplicity of the Native American inspired coverlet and the wonderful collection of holiday photos, displayed perfectly in clean back frames with gallery matting.
The farmhouse sink with clawfoot tub are perfect accents in the effortlessly charming cottage bathroom. 
...And that stool!
Just such a wonderfully charming little home!
An appreciation for hands-on work, a connection to one's surroundings, and a home that's as beautiful as it is functionally quaint...all realities and aspirations that truly leave a lasting impression on any home and garden aficionado! 
More to come soon friends!
Photo Credit: Max Kim-Bee for Country Living Magazine

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