Saturday, August 10, 2013

Headed to the Big D

As you're still coming to know me and more about what I plan to share on Harvest Market Home, I figure there are some key things that'll help you along the way:

1. I'm a 20-something, realizing my dream of utilizing my design skills and passions I didn't take seriously enough during my formative college days. 

2. Home is Austin, the coolest/quirkiest/hottest town around. Austinites no longer bat an eyelash at 100 degree temperatures, and we're a city chalk full of good people, good food, amazing Hill Country views, and the notion that "weird" is beautiful. If you haven't made it here yet folks, book the ticket, we promise not to disappoint.
3. I share my home and life with my main man, Emerson. The most tenacious 14 year old yorkie you'll ever meet. A real character, Emerson is certainly more human than dog, and is always along for the ride (just as he expects he should be).

I'm headed to Dallas for work related travel, and fully intend to check out the lot of antique/vintage/interior design shops, while there. I'll certainly be back next week with tons of photos and lots of good suggestions for a city that's near and dear to my heart!
 via wikimedia
Until we meet again, friends!

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