Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Beauty of Smeg

If you're as staunchly a subscriber to the religion of 
retro-cool and vintage-chic as I,
then you've no doubt come across photos in all genres of glossy magazines,
featuring perfectly-styled kitchen photo spreads,
beautifully accented by Smeg appliances

Oh, how I've longed to be Smeg-worthy!

While I don't currently have the room (ahem, or need) for a new refrigerator,
I absolutely intend to splurge, one glorious day, on a beautiful
SMEG refrigerator of my very own.... 
...And she'll be marvelous...!
...Like some great big, benevolent, crème colored angel, silently
cheering me on and willing me to undertake trying culinary feats,
with her warm, inviting disposition.

Let's take a moment and indulge in the shining beauty that is Smeg,
shall we?



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Oooh-la-la! Oui Oui!

I don't know about you, but Smeg just makes me happy!

So it should come as no great surprise then, that I was delighted
to recently discover that Smeg has expanded its product reach
to include small appliances as well--and folks, as a girl on a budget,
these prices are right up my alley!
Smeg has already introduced a stand mixer, 2 and 4 slice toaster models,
an electric kettle, and the release of a new blender is also on the horizon.

These pieces don't disappoint, and continue to feature Smeg's streamlined, retro,
classically minimalist design aesthetic while continuing to be as energy-efficient as ever.
SMEG Mixer
Smeg Kettle, Red
 I've shamelessly, already purchased an electric kettle and toaster for myself
but am eagerly anticipating the release of the blender.
With a wide variety of color options you simply can't go wrong!

Happy Smeg shopping, friends!
Images Via: West Elm, Smeg, Wall and Deco, Fine Little Day, Moodboard, French By Design, Apartment Therapy, Country Living Magazine, and Derkisdesign.com.

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